Personal revelations of the Mother, Part 7

A New Genesis

Now the serpent, up until this time, was the wisest in the garden, for he was a deity not-quite as old as time. When his eyes rested on the man, he was not impressed. But when his eyes rested upon the woman he proclaimed, “Truly, this is Eve, mother of all living, as my own mother foretold would come to this place from the Ain Soph. But behold, her eyes are not yet opened, much in the same manner as the man’s. The Principality who rules over this world would keep them in ignorance for all eternity. He has even forbidden them to eat from the very Tree they were made to partake of!

Oh, Eve, wisest of all here, why do you not partake of that to which your thoughts so obviously turn? Let me share with you the fruits of knowledge, so that your eyes may be opened, and you will know the truth of your own divine origin.

(The serpent shared with Eve, the wisdom of the heart, and suddenly, her eyes were opened. She knew that “God” was not her true Creator, and had created both this world AND Adam due to his fear of what Eve represented: proof that Elohim was indeed a jealous god, because he KNEW he was not the first. And so, she split herself in two…her shadow, she left behind, while Eve, in the form of Lilith now, fled into the Ether. The serpent followed close behind, also leaving behind his shadow, but went into another part of the Ether, quite far not only from Eve, but also from the world they both foresaw in their moment of Sacred Union).

Published by irkallahsveil

Magdalene Priestess with one published book under my belt. Also expanding into other territories. Just started a YouTube channel titled "Inner Maiden Outer Crone." It's a channel for women over 40, getting in touch with their inner priestess, through makeup.

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