Liturgy of the Black Mother

Oya! Lilith! Kali-Ma!Killers, devourers, bitches all! For 5,000 years you foughtAgainst the tsunami of woman- and goddess-bashingDark Mother, Angry MotherYour stories have been white-washed beyond recognition. Why shouldn’t your hearts be enragedBy the persecution of your children?Why shouldn’t we be enragedWhen we are pushed aside as unimportant(and yet we’re expected to smile as our shacklesContinue reading “Liturgy of the Black Mother”

On the Road From Damascus (liturgy of Veronica)

On the road from Damascus, I was one of many pilgrims walking to Jerusalem….for Passover, I had told them.In truth, my dreams spoke of the one who had come,Preaching of a Kingdom that had already sprung forth.As a widow of great wealth, my words were met with scorn, forced to bare my head as theContinue reading “On the Road From Damascus (liturgy of Veronica)”